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Facilities & Amenities

This high-end residential project, situated in Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, gives you a row of 304 villaments that are not only stunningly constructed but are also blessed with elegant interiors. Created as a self-sufficient community while being extremely close to several amenities, this community is apt for those who crave a retreat to the suburbs. It is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort while offering solitude and recreation.

Every home is blessed with large bedrooms and an open kitchen dining set-up which allows plenty of space, making each house airy and well- ventilated. All 3BHKs are duplexes of double height, having dining spaces that are open up to the first floor ceiling. The ground floor duplex has a private garden while the upper duplex has a private terrace.

With the entire project being a vehicle-free zone, there is ample space for pedestrians to walk by freely without being overly-cautious while their children can play in complete safety. Each feature is executed with the residents comfort and safety in mind.

Design elements and facilities :

  • Duplex homes
  • European floor-to-ceiling Decimal windows
  • Common lift for every two houses on each floor
  • Open kitchen, living and dining spaces
  • Large master bedrooms
  • Designer porcelain tiles
  • Private gardens and private terraces
  • European Kronoswiss Wooden flooring for bedrooms
  • Glass railings for common area
  • Four floor clubhouse is self-contained with a swimming pool, gym, lounge area with juice bar and guest suites, party hall, indoor theatre all in the same building and with easy access
  • Concierge service is at resident's disposal at any given time
  • Children's play area, senior citizen's court

Facilities & Amenities

  • The landscape design evolved from the opportunities presented at site by the long linear spaces created between the blocks. The linear space between the apartment blocks acts as a unifying element while at the same time creating a buffer zone between the blocks.

  • The idea was to create an outdoor communal living space that catered to the various demographic representations, as well as to create a functional space that allowed uninhibited access, views, multiple usage, etc.

  • The central spine comprises a layering of spaces that allow active recreation, passive recreation as well as zones for seating and relaxation.

  • The plant palette is carefully selected for shade, privacy, ease and simplicity of maintenance and to create a strong visual identity that is contiguous throughout the site.

  • The long linear central spine ends in a communal amphitheater to host festival events, plays and a host of other programmes that foster a feeling of communal spirit and harmony.

  • There are two children's play areas at opposite ends of the site, to allow children to play and learn under the watchful care of their elders, seated in comfortable garden benches scattered around the play area, under shade.

  • The clubhouse overlooks a unique swimming pool that is set in the midst of a tropical landscape, with discreet private entry to the pool from the ladies' change room. The pool has a separate swimming zone for toddlers.

The clubhouse at Gavakshi was designed with an aim to provide necessities, entertainment and recreational facilities - all in a compact and suave package. With a specialized structure and an air of resourcefulness, the building is spread over four floors that contain all you need within easy reach. The services of a Concierge will also be at your disposal at all times.

In addition to a helpful reception, the ground floor contains a well-equipped gym, an Aerobics Hall as well as a beautiful swimming pool with spacious changing rooms and a comfortable deck.

The first floor contains the exclusive lounge area. This posh space is endowed with a Juice Bar and several indoor game facilities amongst other things. This floor also has the Guest Suites, which are delightful rooms meant for the residents' guests.

The second and third floors are occupied by a Party Hall. Complete with a pantry and seating areas, this hall is available to the residents at any time, for personal parties and family functions. Moreover, a home theatre room that seats 20, will leave movie buffs and sports enthusiasts more than satisfied.


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Land Mark : Behind CISCO Cessna Campus.